To Squiggle or Not To Squiggle?

This post is purely to give a feel for how the free motion quiliting looks on the quilt. I would love any feedback on what you think (the pics may need clicking to make them more viewable). I think the free motion bit is breaking up the whiteness as I wanted,but I don't know if it's a bit too much for a baby's quilt or whether it's fair to use my somewhat wobbly quilting on a gift for a friend (who does appreciate bright colours). I'm taking break from the quilt now, maybe for the rest of the weekend, just to make sure it is definitely the right thing for the quilt - unpicking a whole quilt's worth of quilting is not worth thinking about.

Right where's my stash of UFOs?


Impera Magna said…
I kinda like the variegated squiggles in the white border. You have a lot of straight lines in this quilt... not that there is anything wrong with a lot of straight lines... and the squiggles emphasize (the pinwheels in) the middle and the (stripes in) the outer border.

Just my 2 cents... :)
I think the "squiggles" (especially in the variegated thread) look great.
Teresa said…
You've done a great job on the tiny stippling.
I agree that the varigated thread takes away from the whiteness. I think since you already have done so much, I would finish the white border with the varigated thread, but then use white thread to do the white parts of the pinwheels. I'd leave the coloured parts plain. That way the white areas would recede and make the pinwheels really pop!
Cherise said…
I love the free motion quilting. I think it gives added interest. Great quilt! :)
Oh it is LOVELY. Please do not unpick it - it might just make me cry. Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt. The colours are superb and the free moting quilting is amazing.
Great colours and pattern. Love the quilting too.