Saturday, 19 April 2014

FNSI - the results show

I had a pleasingly productive FNSI.  I decided to work on my Christmas table runner and I'm really pleased how it's working out.

It's surprising how neatly it's working out considering each strip is wonky to a greater or lesser degree.

I haven't straightened up any edges or squared any pieces up and am just doing the best I can when it comes to matching seams but that isn't bothering me at all.  I'm not sure I'll bother neatening things up when I do my next one (there is going to be at least one more).

Hopefully everyone else had as successful an evening.  Why not head over to Wendy's to see everyone else's results.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Friday night sew in - April

It's that time of the month again ... FNSI!!!  Well at least it is tomorrow.

If you want to spend your Friday night sewing with people aground the world then there's still time to sign up HERE

I have plenty of things to be getting on with this Friday.  I'm making a big effort to finish off all my almost done projects this month and then I have a major project for my brother's wedding to work on for the rest of the spring and summer (so no pressure there then!).

Friday, 11 April 2014

Ready for Rio 2016...

...or in actual truth lagging behind from London 2012!

I started this sport themed blanket in 2012 as part of Debbie Abrahams mystery blanket that year and it's still going!  I'm now on the seventh (out of ten) set of instructions so I have broken the back of the work although the blanket's bunting-sequence border and the Swiss darning required are niggling at me.

I'd love to get this blanket finished this year as I have the yarn for another mega knitting project all ready to go.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Xmas work in progress

Much as I'd wanted to start work on the garden this weekend I was really pleased to see the gloomy weather as it gave me all the reason I needed to get my sewing machine out for about the first time in four months.

And the results were a happy afternoon spent chain piecing and pressing

A work in progress shot, on my new dining table which I probably shouldn't be using as a sewing table hence the mats and tea towels under my machine! 

I'm working towards a Christmas table runner based on Rebecca Silbaugh's Santa's Cookie Mat.  I'm enjoying making this so much that I've already started find fabric for another, all year round, one!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Home comforts

As I've moved to a new house part of the crafty fun is making new accessories for that house.  First on the list (having bottled out of making curtains for the time being...cost being my excuse!) is a new knitted cushion as the one I've had for the past several years is looking a little tired.

Progress so far...

Effective but simple.  Plenty more cushions to follow (I have a large sofa!).

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bits and Pieces for FNSI

As seems to be the case so often with my attempts at FNSI things didn't quite go to plan.  One of the joys of recently having moved house is that I often lose things, tonight that thing was my micro stitch tagged thingy which I use for basting quilts.  So the first hour of FNSI was spent rummaging through bags, boxes and drawers to find the missing item.  Now there are plenty of projects I could be getting on with but I really wanted to baste the quilt for my cousin's son as it'd be great if I could get it to hime while he is still a baby (as with most of my WIPs this has been in progress for moving etc stopped crafting!).

Once the offending gadget had been located progress was quite good.

Front and back of the disappearing nine patch quilt last heard of in October 13 and finally ready for quilting.

I also managed to finish hand sewing the binding on my first ever jelly roll race quilt.

How did everyone else do?

Friday, 21 March 2014

FNSI Sign Up

After rediscovering the FNSI a few days ago I almost forgot to sign up for it.  Plenty of bits and pieces to finish up so I should be kept occupied this evening.  Now to decide what to do...bit of sitting, knitting and thinking required before dinner and sewing.

Pop back tomorrow to see if I decided to be sensible and finish off some of my WIPs. ... March sign up list courtesy of Sugarlane Quilts