Sunday, 22 June 2014

Friday-ish Night Sew-ish In

Well after the two hour commute home last night I was just too tired to sew, FNSI or not.  So I postponed my FNSI efforts until tonight (Saturday).

To tell the truth no sewing happened on Saturday either.  I decided that my most pressing project was the quilt/banner for my brother's wedding. So I spent the majority of my evening designing templates for the appliqué letters whilst watching Hunger Games.

I never realised how tricky designing these letters would be, although I think I've pretty much got the simple letters sorted.  The letter G is flummoxing me a little, and I'm trying to avoid thinking about &!

I also squeezed in a few slow rows of knitting...

May actually get a sock finished this year!

So not a traditional FNSI but a very productive one in its way.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

FNSI approaches...

This blog has been a lot quieter than I intended this month.  I haven't been busy crafting though, it seems as though I have so much I should be doing (including non crafty stuff) that I have no idea where to start.  Hopefully FNSI will give me the kick I need!

If you want to sign up too there's still time, just pop round to see Wendy at Sugarlane Quilts ... here

Monday, 9 June 2014

Double slice layer cake flimsy

I might actually get a baby quilt finished in time for the baby's birth (rather than it's fifth birthday!).

This flimsy is made using the Double Slice Layer Cake pattern and ABC Menagerie by Moda.  It makes for a very lively quilt top.  I was going to back it with the remaining blocks but I think that'll end up looking too busy, so my next (very unpleasant (!)) job is to go to the LQS which stocks Moda fabrics and find something suitable for the backing and binding.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Grow your own...

I had planned to spend all weekend sewing, however like all plans it hasn't worked that way. I have got a little sewing done which I will finish this evening but as the weather was nice this afternoon I mustered the enthusiasm to do some pottering in the garden.

My new house has, what seems to me, a huge garden which hasn't been loved by the previous owner and has been neglected by me in the months I've lived here. I have been doing bits and pieces, clearing a couple of borders, figuring out how a lawnmower works, and as of today waging war on the major weeds which seem to love my soil!

As well as the boring stuff I have given growing fruit and veg a go on a small scale this year.

The tomatoes are doing well (as a novice gardener I count anything that is growing as doing well!)

The strawberries and blackcurrant bush seem to be happy, and I'm almost winning vs the weeds in this patch.

Unfortunately their neighbours the butternut squash/courgettes (I planted squash and courgette seeds in the same seed tray but forgot to label which was which!) have totally disappeared.

Luckily I didn't plant out all the seedlings, so I'm now trying to grow them in some enormous pots.  Fingers crossed this plan works.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Loopy sock knitting

It seems that many crafters have a small portable project for when they're out and about.  I've found that sock knitting is often my portable project, especially now I've got a climbing chalk bag to carry it round in.

My current project is a plain pair of socks but for the first time I'm using the magic loop technique.

It took a while to get used to it and I'm still finding managing the loops tricky but I think it may be something I will use again.  Although all I've managed to find so far on the internet are basic sock patterns using the magic loop technique, I know it's probably possible to adapt any pattern to this technique eventually but I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet.  If there are any other sock knitters out there can you recommend any sources of magic loop sock patterns?  I always enjoy practising my new tricks a few times.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

How I Make A Kindle Cover...

Looking back through my posts I, apparently, learnt how to make a Kindle cover from a tutorial I found on Junie Moon's blog.  I say apparently as there is no sign of the tutorial on the blog anymore.  In the last few years I have made several Kindle covers using the same design and making it up as I go from memory.  When I made my last cover I decided to record the steps so I could post them here and then next time I make a cover I won't have to spend half a day figuring out the maths and details.  

(Please note this is still a bit of a work in progress and will probably be tweaked in coming months for my own sanity and to ensure every step works, but I need the basics recorded somewhere!)

So here goes....

A kindle cover needs outer fabric, lining fabric, thin wadding, velcro and a button

Cut the following pieces for a Kindle measuring 7 x 5 inches: 
    1 lining 7.75 x 5.75 (3/4 inch longer and wider than kindle)
    1 lining 9.75 x 5.75
    1 outer and 1 wadding 8 x 6 (1 inch longer and wider than kindle)
    1 outer and 1 wadding 10 x 6

Layer the longer piece of wadding, longer outer fabric face up and the longer lining face down (if it has a face).  Top edges should all be lined up.  Place a pin 2 inches down from the top on either side this will create the flap for your kindle.

Sew round the top, between the two pins, using a 1/4 inch allowance.

Clip corners and turn right side out.  This is the back.

Layer the three remaining pieces of fabric - wadding, outer face up, lining face down - with top edges lined up.  With a 1/4 inch seam sew along the top.  This is the front.

Tricky bit to up the front and back so that the lining is on its own at the top and the wadding and outer are at the bottom.  Place the front on top of the back so that the right sides of the outers and the linings meet, the wadding is on the outside and the flap is sandwiched in the middle.  Make sure the bottom of the outers and waddings meet up (yet to figure out why the linings don't).  Sew almost all the way around using a 1/4 inch seam.  Leave a gap in the lining for turning.

Turn right way round and try and remember to sew up hole in the lining!

Finally, sew velcro under the flap and a decorative button on the outside.

Friday, 16 May 2014

May's FNSI

Unfortunately due to not getting back home from work till late I haven't done as much as I wanted this FNSI.  However, I have achieved another finish...

This Kindle cover is for one of my closest friends, I just really hope it fits!

Off to find out about everyone else's Friday nights...