Oh Heck!

Why the title? Well...

...firstly, I have just entered myself in a half marathon - I am not the world's keenest or most dedicated runner - but it's not until March.  Maybe I will be better behaved than when I have previously entered (shorter races) and actually do some training!  Did 3 miles this evening in the drizzle - see how long that motivation lasts!

...secondly, my chilli plant is going mad, the six chillies I originally had have gone red and there is at least half a dozen more baby chillies evident.  I have no idea when they are ready for picking and I don't think I've ever used fresh chilli before.  Looks like I'm going to have to frequently in the not so distant future! I'm loving how nice the plant looks with its white flowers and red chillies.

...thirdly, after deciding that I simply had to make the Farmer's Wife Quilt (courtesy of some wonderful tutorials from Lori at Bee in My Bonnet) I decided to work out whether I already had too much on the go (craft wise) to actually go and buy some fabric.  Well it turns out I have (insert embarassed cough here) 9 crafty projects (knitting, sewing, cross-stitch) in progress, 1 project on hold but definitely in progress.  And the materials and patterns ready to go for another five projects.  This does not include any fabric or yarn I've bought just in case!  I definitely need to get some finishes under my belt before I even consider doing anything about the other half dozen or so projects that have attracted my attention.  And before my sister points it out, I almost definitely shouldn't have started all those projects until some of the others were done!

And on that note I'm off to attack one of my WIPs and watch Torchwood - whilst ignoring the ironing pile!


Impera Magna said…
So many fun projects, so little time! I feel your pain... there are at least two QALs recently that I had to say "no" to because I have too many projects underway... projects that need to be completed by Christmas!

Congratulations on signing up for a half-marathon in March! That's a great challenge goal...