Kindle Cover Take 2

In one of those weird happenings I managed to loose my sparkly Kindle cover in a B&B room a few weeks ago. Annoying though this was it has give me the opportunity to (a) try making a better fitting Kindle cover and (b) buy and use a gorgeous fat quarter of fabric.

Unfortunately the tutorial I used before has disappeared but a bit of thinking, measuring and seeking inspiration seemed to do the trick.

I seem to have mostly failed with part a, it fits width ways but is too long and saggy and the bottom. I have decided that off centre buttons are going to be my Kindle cover trademark.
But it is most definitely a gorgeous fat quarter and a beautiful coordinating mother of pearl button, all purchased from my restrained shopping trip at the Festival of Quilts.

Speaking of the FoQ I have found the site of the lady who made an absolutely stunning quilted version of the Bayeux Tapestry - Pam Holland's Bayeux Tapestry.  I'm glad to have found this as the FoQ catalogue seemed somewhat light on info about this amazing quilt.

And while giving my Kindle a new protective wrap I decided to personalise the Kindle too ...

Think the zebra print goes sooo well with the oriental print fabric!!!!!


Impera_Magna said…
What lovely fabric! The button is perfect... great job!