On A Quilting Roll (Finally)

I finally seemed to have regained my quilting mojo (useful as another FNSI is approaching) and have made great progress with the third baby quilt in surprisingly little time.

I got all the borders sewn on, the back pieced, basted the layers after a major battle with the fabrics and commenced quilting.

I'd decided that quilting each side of the joins would be most forgiving to my wonky piecing and originally meant the stitching to be very close to the seams. But due to some sloppy stitching I've ended up quilting quite a distance from the seams. But I'm actually pretty pleased with the effect.

Well you can just about make out the white quilting, only in one direction so far.  The top looks good, unfortunately the back has kept up the fight it started during the basting and there are a few puckers I've managed to sew in.
I also intend to do some stitch in ditch and stippling on this quilt and I have the perfect excuse  - the Friday Night Sew In on 19th Aug.  Click the purple text to sign up too (I've bottled posting the button this month).  Looking forward to seeing everyone's achievments from the evening.


Impera Magna said…
Love your quilt... and the straight line quilting... it's my favorite right now!