Happy Zig Zags

Am in love with this quilt.  Haven't got all the strips done yet but wanted to get a feel for what it looks like.  I love patchwork when it's pressed, very crisp.  Pleased I made the effort to get the picture triangles the right way up.  If I'd had more time and fabric and patience I would have tried to improve the look of the letters strip.  Hey ho, my perfectionism hasn't got to a state where that is worrying me too much.

To any readers using blogspot out there - how can you e mail replies to people's comments?  Any e mail replies I've had have had details of the blog post in the title, is it done automatically or do you have to track down the person's e mail addy and then type the title?

Oh and THANK YOU so much for your lovely comments.


You can set up Blogger so that whenever you get a comment, it goes directly to your email and then you just email a reply. If you go to settings, click on "Comments" and go to the bottom of the page. There is a space that you can fill in next to "Comment Notification Email". Just fill that in with your email address and it is easy to respond to comments on your blog!
Impera Magna said…
Looking good... and I love the fabrics!

I get email notifications of comments and respond directly from my email acct.