Lazy Evening

I know I should be doing something - tidying up before my flat turns into a total pigsty, basting and quilting my cousin's baby's quilt, prepping one of the two other baby quilts I've decided to make, knitting - plenty of stuff to do but I've settled to vegging out on the sofa!  It's not like I haven't done anything all day,  I've been to my local quilt shop and commenced a small quilted sampler.

Nothing overly spectctular but I really enjoyed learning some new skills and want to carry on developing them, busy trying to spot places to use free motion on upcoming projects.  It was mentally exhausting though.  I also managed to set my bank pin number to something I can finally remember, it's only taken four attempts with the bank sending me replacement pin numbers embarassingly often.


Sandra said…
Machine quilting is an artform that takes lots of practice. Even though I've been working on developing my skills over the years, it seems there is always more to learn. Looks like you are getting the hang of it:)