Only a quick post but I'd just like to prove that...despite my misgivings...

...My Kindle cover fits my Kindle (my sister's too but if I wait to post a photo of hers this post'll never appear!  I'm very glad, it's not as if they were hard to make, but I love the colour combination and have no more red left.  If I make another I'd make it a tiny bit bigger, no more than 1/2 an inch, and I'll try and centre the fastening.  I'd like the top flap to be neater too but thats simply a case of practice making perfect.

Now to decide what else to do with the glittery fabric - hoard it springs to mind!

Oh and if anyone would like 19 inches of pre-cut HSTs then go to Quilter In The Gap's Giveaway.  Three simple chances to win (although if you don't go it may improve my chances!


Impera_Magna said…
Very cool... and I love that button!