Kindle Covers...or maybe not

My sister has just got a Kindle and I am hoping that I am days away from getting mine, and so on realising that cases would be needed I said I'd make some.

Afer a bit of searching around I found this tutorial by Junie Moon for a Kindle 2 case, which looked simple and adaptable to a Kindle 3.  I made a couple of other changes too - I want to use a button as the fastener rather than vecro and I have no idea what fusible fleece interfacing is but I do have suitably sized offcuts of wadding.

So just over and hours work and ta-da...

Two sparkly Kindle covers (in a photo that could have done with a little pre-posting rotation).  Hooray i hear you say.  Well maybe not.  I adapted the covers to the dimensions of a Kindle 3 and they should have been fairly generous but I think I may have miscalculated, sewn seams too wide, should've found out what fusible fleece was, or missed something in the instructions and I have a niggling feeling that these are going to end up as a slightly too small first attempt.  Oh well practice makes perfect, loads of the sparkly fabric left and I'm sure I have some more left over fabric for lining.  Lovely looking cover though just what I wanted!


Bethan said…
Niggling feeling is wrong - fits well :)