A Finished Quilt ... Finally

Sorry for being absent for so long but I have been endlessly seing in the ends on the Christmas present for my Ganny (unfortunately this is not me being highly organised this quilt is for Xmas 2010), but I have finally finished it and sent it on to my grandmother. 

I even manged to blanket stitch on a label.  Need to do a bit of work on my quilting - the stitches bunch up and get tiny when I go over seams - but all in all I love it.  And I'm sure Ganny will too.  And hopefully normal service will be resumed with my blogging.


Impera_Magna said…
What a great quilt and I'm sure your grandmother will love and treasure it! I like the blanket stitch on the label... very nice touch!
Maria said…
You did a great job on Gany's Quilt. Don't worry about the stitches as it is all your own work and Ganny will just adore it.