The lazy Saturday evening obviously revived me and I actually got quite a bit done on Sunday, even with a little lie in and the lost hour.

I now have a tidier flat (note not tidy but I can now see most of the floor!), an almost finished quilt which is causing me dilemmas over the colour of the binding (which I have half sewn on and now may hate) and a tidy, replanted, re-soiled balcony garden.

Not the prettiest thing yet but there's potential.  Off to the left is a clematis which should've been cut back earlier in the year but is now growing happily.  The blue pots are filled with alpine strawberries, never tried them before but apparently they're ok in shady places.  The big black planter is packed with trailing lobelia which usually do well.  There's a thriving hellebore and a smaller one off to the side.  And the terracotta pot is full of ignored orange lillies which I bought a few years ago from a RHS show and keep on re-appearing each year looking gorgeous.  It looks a lot better but I must remember to fill the bird feeders for my friendly neighbourhood blue tits.


Impera Magna said…
Your balcony garden looks wonderful and will look even better in another month or two. The birds look fat and happy... what do you put in the feeder?