Bigger Than It Looked

Ganny's quilt with inner border displayed on my double bed.  Looks like it'll make a fairly decent showing on Ganny's single bed!  I have just noticed, however, that although described as being the same red as the red fabric in the centre of the log cabin blocks it is slightly different.  I am not having a lot of luck with the fabric for this quilt - luckily it matches the rose fabric perfectly so it seems to work (all comments whether this is correct gladly welcomed).  I'm really liking how this quilt is turning out.

Not sure whether I'll get much done this weekend not home till Sat pm and my brother is visiting so I may have to do some of my hand sewn quilt or something.  Though I may sneak in some time on this, got a lot of the outer border cut already.

Added later:

Think I may have to have a look at the colour difference in day light.  Looks better in electric light than it does in the photo.


Anonymous said…
I honestly don't think I'd worry about it. Even in the photo, I probably wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it. This is what the border pieces are for, I am guessing. I think it will be fine! All reds go together, I've been told repeatedly.