Wildlife Weekend

Well inbetween sewing like a woman on a mission (at least on Saturday seemed to get all slowed down on Sunday) I managed to do a little wildlife spotting.

For the second time recently I spotted a Muntjac deer, this time actually in our front garden last time one nervously dashed out from the vicinity of the garden to the farmland over the road (thanks to the snow there was next to no traffic).  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera to hand but do google them they're very timid looking creatures.

On the way into town to pick up some red thread I also spotted a white owl, on further research I have found out that this was a barn owl.  Yet again no photo as I was driving at the time, it flew very low across the road at about 3.30pm - quite amazing.

In order to make up for these missed wildlife photo opportunities I'll try and post a couple of the daft, fat pheasant which wanders round our garden (although don't expect one anytime soon!).

What I have managed to get a photo of is the back of Ganny's quilt now fully quilted and just waiting for me to hand sew on 7 metres of binding and a label.

 You'll have to look very closely as the thread is an almost perfect colour match to the backing.  I'm really pleased with the back - just a couple of minor puckers.  I'm pretty pleased with the front too although I'm a wbbly sticher in the ditch but I'm getting better.  I really got the knack of the squares in the border too, which is good as I have loads to do on the other log cabin.

Barring an epic slip stitching session, this should be all ready to return to Ganny on Saturday, and will be my first ever, totally done on my own, finished quilt.

Oh and to change the theme slightly I am making a real effort with my half marathon training and actually managed a two mile ish run this evening and felt like there was more in my legs except it was going dark.  Will go out again on Wednesday and do 4 miles.


Hi Vicki! Thanks for leaving the comment about the black & white quilt on my blog. You are a "no reply" blogger so I couldn't acknowledge with an email. I am adding myself as a new follower.