Mostly Random!

I don't have anything more to show for this weekend's work but I did spend Sunday cutting (it takes ages) so hopefully I can get more achieved next weekend.  I reckon finishing Ganny's quilt top is on the cards and I'd like to get my log cabin one quilted.  If I'm feeling rich I may go and get the wadding for my 'love it, hate it' neon quilt and some suitable quilting thread (if there is such a thing) as I have a plan as to how I want to quilt it finally. 

I feel the quilt will be the final touch in making my room really homely and me-ey.  The penultimate step being the purchase of a second hand chair to make a cosy corner.

I have a really good feeling that this chair is going to be a really big help in keeping me away from my laptop of an evening - it it amazingly comfy.

I must keep myself away from yarn shops online or otherwise.  I have a major desire to knit another Baltic Sea Stole (and happened to find some gorgeous yarn options) but I have a huge drawer of yarn to make a dent in and five (sorry make that six) quilts to finish (not to mention the rather gorgeous sock yarn I happened to come across).  It's a nightmare!

I have started running again, just under two miles and a bit of paddling today.  I have two, four and five mile routes worked out which should be fine for building up to the half marathon in March.

The wrong Bourne movie is on TV and I've cut my finger on the foil from the top of a peanut butter jar.