Thank You and My Challenge

Just thought I'd pop in to say thanks for all the encouraging comments on my last two posts and "Hi!" to my new follower. 

I managed to baste the quilt (or at least mini-tag it) and mark it up for quilting the other night and found out that my bedroom floor is not as big as I thought - going to have to find a very large room to baste the neon quilt!  A major session with my walking foot awaits me this weekend as well as some concerted essay writing, I'm sick and tired (not just literally) of working till 3am the night before hand in to get work finished but I seem to thrive on the last minute stress.  Got to stop it though.

Anyway...not working till 3am is not my challenge.  I have recently found myself spending a lot of money on non essential items, as treats, on a whim or purely because they are a bargain (altho one of the dresses I bought because it was cheap and gorgeous will now see service as a wedding outfit so that was a good investment).  So what I have decided is this month I will not buy something just because, just things that are needed - which will include a haircut, car service and MOT.  I'm not going to do myself out of nights out either (already have three planned this month plus a weekend at my sister's and a weekend in Edinburgh), I'm just aiming to curb my spending on stuff.  There's no external pressing need for this challenge, although I would like to have more money to put towards my house deposit savings and at the moment I am seriously considering purchasing a Kindle at the start of March, its just to try and get out  of the habit of accumulating things.  I have plenty of things already and not a lot of space for them!  Anyway going to see how it goes - I can be good when I want to be!