A Little Variation

As well as enjoying crafting in my spare time I am also a keen reader although currently I seem to take forever to get through books.  I have got 20 odd books in my house that haven't been read and I'm supposed to have read them before buying anymore books - to date this hasn't happened, maybe I could make it a belated New Year Resolution; my downfall is charity shop book shelves.  Anyway, back to the point, over Xmas I decided to start one that has been on my shelf for years, firstly because it finally piqued my interest and secondly to find out if it actually deserved the shelf space (a precious commodity in my flat!).  I am pleased to report I actually finished "Captain Scott by Ranulph Fiennes" this weekend.  I have had an interest in Shackleton and read a bit about his Endurance expedition but I knew next to nothing about Scott.  The aim of this book was to try to repair Scott's reputation.  It was a very interesting and clear written book, that I found kept me turning the pages; although I found Fiennes' sections about his own experiences a little irritating at times on the whole they were a useful comparison.  I can't say I loved this book but it seems a good introduction to Scott and at the moment I think it will stay on my shelf.