A Little More Fabric...

Cause you can never have enough!

Actually I've had this stuff a little while and reckoned I'd better share with you all what I plan to make Ganny's quilt out of seeing as I'm not the only one contributing towards this.

Not sure if the picture is big enough for you to make out the patterns on each piece of fabric but the tones all go (actually if you click on the picture you may be better able to make out the designs).

On a totally unrelated note am loving the Sunday afternoon films on ITV3 recently, historical dramas from the 60s - The Lion in Winter last week and Anne of a Thousand Days this week - wonderful on a gloomy afternoon.  Haven't been totlaly concentrating on the film this afternoon as I am cutting, piecing and bidding on E Bay - busy me.  Hopefully I shall have some pressed WIPs to show later in the week courtesy of all this effort.