Day One

Of my get something presentable made for Ganny for Xmas challenge (chances of actually finishing it are zero).  Unfortunately due to having to regularly visit the garage for more poorly car and badly palnned hairdressers appointments, and the need to sleep, I cannot dedicate the whole 72 hours to it.  But my lovely new shiny sewing machine is so quiet I can start earlier and carry on later than I was previously able to.

And what did I achieve today?

It's quite hard to see but that's 48 squares in various stages of construction.  I've got a good little production line going but do need to cut some more fabric.  Aim for tomorrow is to finish all 48 and to start constructing the top.  And I must wrap some presents, usually I've got them done by now.

And just because I think it's gorgeous...
My Xmas tree. I've got  real thing about buying decorations for it - I try and get 2 or 3 new ones each year.
Looks like it has snowed again here, off the beaten track we must have 6 to 8 inches (which is a lot for here).  Will try and post some photos tomorrow.