Day 2

Next time I decide to hand make Xmas presents I am either going to start earlier or make sure that the days before Xmas don't involve an extra day and a half at work, regular trips to a repair garage or even a hair appointment.  As you may have gathered my progress hasn't been as good as I wanted, not helped by the news that one local quilt shop is out of the red fabric I need for the border and that the other is closed due to snow (for some reason Milton Keynes seems to have been totally avoided by ploughs and gritters - even the M1).

Excuses over I have actually achieved something today...

Sorry about the dingy picture but the flash makes the white way too bright.  I have several finished off squares and all the rest are in various states of completedness.  I will have some form of quilt top to show Ganny for Xmas.  I have also managed to wrap some presents tonight, luckily the majority of what I have bought are sensible shape presents!  Usually I love wrapping presents but this year I just can't seem to settle to it. Didn't get round to taking any snows phots either but trust me it is very beautiful (and cold) round here.