Another project!

Being somewhat persuaded by the power of the internet I have decided to join in with the Scheepjes 'Read Between the Lines' make along starting 31st January. It's a make along (MAL) rather than a knit or crochet along (KAL/CAL) because the shawl pattern is available for both knitting and crochet.

I'm going to knit mine, but if it goes well I might also make a crochet one.

The yarn we're using is Scheepjes Whirl and it's gorgeous colours definitely strengthened my decision to do the MAL.

I've chosen Strawberries and Scream and Lavenderlicious. I was surprised by how big they are, but I guess they would be with a 1000m of yarn in each one.

First decision is whether to start from the insides or outsides and which colour I want most prominent. Decisions, decisions!


Maria said…
Oh such yummy looking yarn.. look forward to seeing the shawl grow...