Bath Half Marathon

Sunday saw me travelling into Bath to participate in my first ever half marathon.  There was a party atmosphere in the sunny town and the 12000 runners seemed to be the entertainment for the partying spectators.  The payback for providing this entertainment was the amount of support the spectators (and the already finished runners) gave those on the course.

My time wasn't spectacular but that wasn't the aim, the aim this time was to see if I could do it and enjoy it.  And I can say yes on both counts, I especially enjoyed jogging up the hills! I though the fact that you did two laps of the course to achieve the 13.1 miles would make it more difficult but I actually quite liked knowing what to expect during the second half.

Will I do another?  Ask again in couple of days once the aches have worn off...but at the moment I think the answer is yes, but faster next time. 


Impera Magna said…
Congratulations on your first half-marathon! Brava!