Well Prepared!

A couple of days before Christmas I decided that what I really needed was to break into the "Reindeer Games by Sandy Gervaise" jelly roll I had bought in the summer and make a Christmas quilt.  Luckily I found a single jelly roll design in Pam and Nicky Lintott's book Jelly Roll Quilts (can't remember the name of the design at the minute).  And so amidst preparing for Christmas day I start making a jelly roll quilt.  Unsurprisingly I did not manage to finish this before the big day.  In truth it has taken me until just after Twelfth Night to finish the quilt top.

No matter that it wasn't ready to be my Christmas quilt this year I'm really happy how this has turned out.  I did have a crisis of confidence about the white borders in both colour and thickness but I this they've turned out fine.  And I have used almost every last scrap of the jelly roll.  The remaining bits (a slight error and some of the square border) will be sewn together to make a festive mat for the table or maybe a cushion cover - not sure yet.

One other thing I really like this quilt for is that it has taught me how to nest seams properly (who knew how you pressed the seam could have such a major effect) and thanks to that I have perfect points all over this quilt.

As far as I can see there isn't a mismatched seam anywhere on the centre.  Hopefully this is not beginners luck and marks the beginning of more accuracy in my quilts. Fingers crossed!

I think I will quilt this with another quilt I have in the pipeline, I was going to leave the top until next December but I have all the bits I need and I don't fancy another attempt to finish a quilt before Christmas 2012!