Finishing Up

As the year ends I've been trying to get some projects finished so that I can make a start on the many others I have planned. 

First of all here is what the pre-Christmas sneak peek actually was...

Another Kindle cover, this one for my youngest sister.  Apparently she loves the lining fabric and it fits her Kindle which is lucky as she has a different version Kindle to me and I couldn't check it beforehand.

The next finished item is a shawl which was intended to be a Xmas present for my mum but has made it to her a little later.

Unfortunately in the rush toget it in the post yesterday I forgot to take a more artistic photo, but I think this one shows the colour and design really well.  I'm surprised how much I enjoy lace knitting, its just a very slow form of knitting (at least for me).
And finally I have eventually finished off my own log cabin quilt which has been languishing for about a year, only needing the binding stitching on, as I made various other quilts as presents. 
My sofa does not make the best of quilt holders!


WOW!!! That lace shawl is amazing. No wonder it took you a while to knit.