Pretty knitty and FNSI

Normal crafting is definitely resumed now.  Been trying to revise and therefore have done next to no craft over the last few weeks, I haven't even been managing to keep up with the blogs.

Anyway just wanted to share my gorgeous dpns and lace yarn with you all...

The dpns are knitpicks wooden ones, no sure they're quite pointy enough for lace knitting but they're pretty and are doing the job.

And this somewhat dark picture (should really take pictures earlier in the day) is the lovely blue tonal yarn that for the life of me I can't remember the details for.

I'm sorry I can't show you a better picture of the actual knitting but it's destined to be a present, hopefully this year!

And just for those who have been in a blog free world like me for the past few days the next FNSI is 17 June and signs ups are on Crafty Vegas Mom's blog. This coincides beautifully with my planned weekend of crafting.  Two baby quilts required by July and I'd like to finally finish my quilt and I could do with squeezing in a bit of knitting!