Beautiful Things

So a rather nice shop is having a sale and I rather liked two of the lamps in the sale.  Some how they seemed to have both come home with me.  Please do not ask how much!

This is the one that originally caught my eye and my reason for going into the shop in the first place.

And then this one just called out to me.  The birds are in gold.  And yes I know the shade is still wrapped in plastic I'm still deciding whether it is the right size for the base, the one in the shop was even smaller.  Think I'm totally happy with the colour and style of the shade though.

A little confession I don't actually have places to put these lamps but I have been rearranging my lounge all day in order to solve this problem, it'd be a shame to hide them away on top of tall bookcases.


Impera Magna said…
Oh my goodness... I love both your new lamps but the one with the tea cups is amazing! I can see why you couldn't let them stay in the store...
Bev C said…
Hello Vicki,

I can see why you wanted both lamps. I love the first one. Nothing like buying something just because.
Happy days.
Scotland Trio said…
Mum mentioned these to me and John after our trek up the tower. The cups and saucers one makes me think of the Mad Hatter's tea party!