A bit of this and that

A very productive Friday night, for once I didn't fall asleep while knitting ( I have actually knitted while asleep - not a great success). Unfortunately two of the items I worked on are to be gifts, so there are some obscure photos coming up.

Firstly I finally got the quilting done on what I'd planned to be a quick project.

I've used my "in the ditch" foot for the first time and it seems to have worked. (Bought it as I'm not great at following lines, then when looking for something else I found that I'd had one all the time I've had the machine). I also basted the quilt within an inch of its life, so hopefully no pleats.

I also machined the binding, hand stitching awaits.

Another block of the Sparkle Punch Quilt was constructed; another seven to go. This quilt is still really pleasing to put together and thanks to some inspiration from an upcoming baby quilt I now know how I want to quilt this (I think!).

And finally I even managed a bit of knitting while catching up with last week's TV.


Bethan said…
I like your binding for the dragon quilt. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt sparkle punch x
Raewyn said…
Yes, it's approaching that time of the year when half of what we make can't be shared :-) It looks like you're making great progress though. I love the colours you are using for your stars :-)