West Country Quilting Show - it'd have been rude not to!

I know I've only just been to the Festival of Quilts, but what's a girl to do when there is a quilting show only a short walk from work?

Of course my friend and I paid it an afternoon visit. Though saying "of course" I have been working near it for the past three years and this is the first time either of us have been.

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect but I was pleasantly pleased. Lots of artists and groups, international and local, exhibiting. A small (compared to the FoQ) quilt competition and several stalls.

Memories of New Zealand - Jo Gallaway

Cape Town and Sardines by Gillian Travis

Chinese Decorated Fabrics with close up

I also photographed a small sample of the competition quilts...

...unfortunately due to not understanding the linkage between Google photos and my camera gallery I have deleted the names of the quilts and their makers. If anyone can provide me with the details I will update the pictures.

I read the description for the zig zag quilt, which included (I thought) the statement that one of the stripes were green. Whilst having a close look at the quilting (each line is quilted individually) I tried to work out which stripe was green. Admitting defeat, and wondering whether green-grey colour blindness was a thing I stepped back and saw my mistake (and a laughing friend)!

I enjoyed this show on many levels - lots of exhibitors, the opportunity to meet local craft groups, a few of the big stalls and lots of more local stalls that you wouldn't see at FoQ.

And the added bonus was that I got a good deal on a sewing machine I had decided to buy prior to the show...more about that when it arrives.


Lin said…
Looks nice a nice variety of work there.
Bethan said…
Looks like a good little show. Thanks for sharing the quilts x