Sunday Progress

Having been away for a week I wasn't expecting to have much progress to report but an unexpected sewing night on Friday has significantly helped matters.

For the first time I used the sewing table set up in our new house.

The room is yet to be decorated and the furniture is likely to be changed but, with the addition of a lamp behind machine, I think this will be fine. And I can always go and use the dining room table!

So what got progressed? Well from my UFO list I actually finished the Kindle case...

I think this one is definitely the best yet, although there is a little bit of bulkiness inside which may be due to missing a pressing step or being too nervous when trimming the seams.  The only thing which is slightly irritating is the upside down hedgehogs on the flap. Ah well!
I also started my 47th ish block on the knitted blanket.

Not on my UFO to-do list, yet, is the 365 quilt blocks...

8 and 9 Jan completed, I think I will be joining the 2018 challenge too!

I'm now going to curl up with my binding sewing and see if I can achieve another finish this week.