Sunday Progress - Turning a corner

To a certain extent, work and work related socialising has impeded my crafty progress this week. Although saying that an overnight shift did allow me to focus on my sock knitting (and sort some random 2.5 inch squares that I have for some reason that I don't remember...more about them another time).

The outcome of this sock dedication is that I have finally turned the heel on my first magic loop sock.

I realised I'm a bit out of practice with any method of sock knitting but I got there with a bit of googling.

The magic loop technique definitely makes for an easily portable project (no chance of runaway needles) 
but it feels a little slower than using dpns with all the adjusting for front and back. Maybe I'll have to start another pair using dpns once I've finished this as a sort of experiment!?

Oh and this is how I port my portable knitting projects...

It's actually a large climbing chalk bag, but ideal for a single ball of wool and short needles or a crochet hook.  Ive recently noticed the loop on the front which can hold scissors or such like if needed.


Maria said…
Your sock is coming along nicely. Love the colour of your yarn. Nice way to carry it.
Vicki said…
Thanks. Wish I could remember what the yarn is as it's lovely and soft too.