FNSI - the results show

I had a pleasingly productive FNSI.  I decided to work on my Christmas table runner and I'm really pleased how it's working out.

It's surprising how neatly it's working out considering each strip is wonky to a greater or lesser degree.

I haven't straightened up any edges or squared any pieces up and am just doing the best I can when it comes to matching seams but that isn't bothering me at all.  I'm not sure I'll bother neatening things up when I do my next one (there is going to be at least one more).

Hopefully everyone else had as successful an evening.  Why not head over to Wendy's to see everyone else's results.


Anonymous said…
This is so lovely Vicki,well done.xx
Rosie H. said…
Great work! Lovely colours.
Fiona said…
Love it... coming together so effectively....
Lovely colours you've used for your Christmas runner, I'm sure it will turn out just right in the end :) Barb.
Kim said…
Looks lovely.
Mistea said…
Lovely effect you've got for the runner.
Nice to see others who sew like me with 'gay abandon'- rules are made to be broken right.
Enjoy your happy fabrics.
Sandra said…
Newbie popping in from FNSI, My sewing is wonky too!!! Gives it character I say
Marilyn said…
It looks lovely. Love the Christmas colours you are using.
Wendyb said…
Hi Vicki...wow, you're organised!!! How great for you to join with me at FNSI and lucky for you.....you're our winner this month!!!!! Send me an email with your address, and I'll have your prize out in the mail pronto!!!
Congratulations again and thanks for joining in with me...it means the world!!! ox
sugary hugs
Wendy :o) xox