Shopping Spree

Luckily with my recent house moved I've left behind one good local quilt shop and now live between two good quilt shops which stock different fabric lines.

This afternoon I paid a visit to Midsomer Quilting. As they seem to stock a wide range of coloured fabrics, mostly sort of patterned coloured fabrics, I knew they'd have the fabrics I had in mind for a quilt I'm making for my brother and his fiancée.

This is usually the point I'd add a link to the intended pattern, however, that isn't going to happen this time as they've asked me to make them a bespoke quilt to commemorate their wedding. I have the bare bones of an idea sketched out on graph paper, the basic plan is appliquéd words and a fancy border. I'm quite nervous about this not ending up as what the had in mind but as they've haven't given me much direction this shouldn't be the case. I have a feeling I'm going to need quite a bit more coloured fabric before the end...I'm having difficulty figuring out how much the border will need. This is not helped by my not being sure which border to use!


Anonymous said…
wow now 2 quilts shop you will be in quilting heaven and good luck with the quilt it sounds fasinating Vicki.xx