Wavy Lacy

Honestly you disappear for a few days and they change everything! That'll teach me.  

I have finally got round to blocking the lace scarf that I actually finished knitting around a month ago.  I've figured out how to make the waves more apparent but I haven't figured how to take a photo of the whole scarf whilst its still damp.
Although there was a lot of stitches on the needle I found this design (it's Westerwald Waves which can be found on Ravelry) easy and fairly quick to knit.  One I may make again


Pam said…
A gorgeous scarf, Vicki!!! What is blocking?
Vicki said…
Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you. Blocking is stretching the knitted item out to its correct size. With lace knitting it makes the lace look more lacy, with 'normal' knitting it ensures the piece is the correct size. Hope this makes sense.