Ready for the next Millennium!

One craft I do from time to time is cross stitch. I really enjoy the effect of large cross stitch pictures, but when I start one I basically only nibble at it doing a small area at a time which means a cross stitch can be a very long term project for me. Not a great approach to a cross stitch celebrating the year 2000 and bought in the year 2000, but I found that I didn't have or really enjoy dedicating the long periods of time the cross stitch required (I was reminded of this fact when I did some cross stitch last weekend during the sewing thread crisis).  The added problem with this year 2000 cross stitch was that there was huge areas of borders that should be finished before the more interesting pictures could be done.

Luckily my sister does not have the same attitude to cross stitch.  Towards the end of last year she rescued the cross stitch, rectified a counting error I had made in the borders and got on with it.
Its looking great, I think she's just got the single strand running stitch detail to do. 

The big question is...when she finishes this does it count as a finish on my UFO list or should I let her have all the glory????

(It's ok I know the answer to that question)


Pam said…
A shared finish...