- Its finally snowed here and has appeared to stuck.
Although I am quite pleased by the sound of dripping indicating some sort of melt as I need to drive south to work tonight, but it would give me an excuse for a day off.

- Found another two fairly local to me quilt shops, that makes four within a fairly close distance and they seem to all stock different ranges.  Considering I'd never even seen a quilt fabric shop until two years ago I'm impressed (my wallet isn't!). I was restrained and didn't buy any fabric, but one of the shops had an amazing range of books on sale and I couldn't resist a copy of Tonya Ricucci's Word Play Quilts.  Having to stay down south for a tutorial next weekend and am planning to visit another two quilt shops.

- Just seen an advert on TV for frozen ready to cook baked potatoes - apparently oven baked potatoes in just 5 minutes.  Think I'll stick to the fresh ones.

- And now I can no longer avoid the mega seam pressing session - 190 seams need to be pressed before I can get any further with my sister's quilt. 


Pam said…
The snow looks so pretty. I can't imagine what it would be like to live where there is snow...