More Winter

I had to leave home before 8am this morning to attend an Open University tutorial (the tutorial was actually at a reasonable hour it was just the bus to get there that wasn't).  I wasn't up as early as I'd planned to be and so didn't get time to dry my hair after my shower.  Normally this isn't really an issue, but we've had snow again here and the temperatures have dropped so after about 3 minutes outside my hair had begun to freeze!

This somewhat odd experience was overridden by the gorgeous views at that time in the morning with mist hovering over the remaining icy snow as the sun rose.

 My hair defrosted okay too.


Pam said…
Beautiful pic!!! Frozen hair...sounds awful. I can't imagine that sort of cold. I've only seen snow on a handful of occasions.
Sana Saroti said…
Hey Vicky, nice picture! It's been freezing here in Germany, too. Low as -15°C! Today it's kinda warm with -5°C (haha). I know I would catch a cold the second I step outside with wet hair! Hope you stay healthy! If you feel lucky you should check out my giveaway (not too many entries yet). Have a nice Sunday.