Random Fabric Collection

Whilst visiting family and friends in North Wales I took the opportunity to pop into Aberkhan Fabrics - a fabric mill which sell seconds fabrics by the kilo.  This usually works out fairly cheap as long as you don't want a specific fabric and in the sales the reductions can be excellent...but anyway what did I get this time?

The green fabric and button are destined to be parts of Xmas presents for sometime readers of this blog so I can't say more yet (although there is plenty of the green so expect it to make repeated appearances!); the blue is winter themed with snowflakes and stars and should be perfect for the back of a Xmas themed quilt I want to make; the white isn't actually white but this was the best my camera could manage today - its off white and covered in gold glitter (I have a piece of its silver glitter twin) and is also destined for the Xmas quilt; The black and which is for the back of my sister's quilt which is not a surprise but considering the amount of questions I've been asking about designs and fabrics I bet my sister wishes it was!

Unfortunately non of these fabrics are to finish off any of the items on my WIPs list but are destined to add to that list!


Impera Magna said…
Fabric by the kilo? Cool! Love your new fabrics... that black and white piece is particularly gorgeous!