Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry I've been so quiet - I've not been busy working away on secret Xmas projects, I'm on a two month work course which is sapping all my spare time.  On a positive note this has coincided with a sudden increase in weekend social engagements.  All in all I've gotten next to no craft work done (not even the shawl that is supposed to be complete by Xmas!).  I have managed to teach my mum to knit with beads and do basic fairisle so my hands have not been completely idle.  I may manage a post at the weekend to detail a recent trip to the big smoke but otherwise don't expect much from here till mid December, when, considering the fabric I've been hoarding and the season, there should be a sudden spate of posts.


Sana Saroti said…
I'm here (un)patiently waiting to see what you'll make ;-) I am not posting much lately as well.