I'm Not Addicted to Fabric...Not At All...

Well I had been doing a bit of browsing to find some fabric to make a quilt for a baby, gender as yet unknown.  Found a lovely tutorial on A Quilt is Nice and then had to find some suitably quirky fabric.  I came across Keiki's Wee Woodland for Moda and I think it's perfect and so gorgeous.

I may have bought another small piece of the range in turquoise too.  Must resist starting this as have some more urgent ones to do.  Have now got all the fabrics for Ganny's quilt so I will hopefully have chance to work on both log cabins on my next free weekend.

And just so you can see a complete contrast here is my first ever machine sewn quilt top.

Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it, it's definitely unique.  Finishing it would probably help and it would be really good if I could bind int in the brights but I'm not sure I have enough scraps and I haven't seen these sold as yardage.