Work in Progress

So I have an idea what I have to finish off I'm going to make a list here of all my current, started craft projects and then cross them off as I get them done.  Total honesty and I think i'm in for a nasty shock!
  • Advent calendar cross stitch - been on the go for about 10 years! May be at the put it all together stage!
  • First quilt
  • Matthew's hand sewn quilt - further along with this than thought but still over 200 patches to cut!
  • Log cabin quilt (mine)
  • Cat cross stitch
  • Potatomus (?) socks - OTN for nine months
  • Work socks - these will get done soon I hate cold feet
  • American Aran Blanket - kinda on hold until I see mum and see what squares are already done
  • Nintendo DS cover - would take less than an hour to finish
  • Tidying up of green scarf
  • Knitted Eeyore - think there may be a good reason why this isn't finished, will investigate
Hmm about as bad as I thought and doesn't include the Millenium Sampler or French knitting as I've technically handed them on.

Looks like I've got a crafty winter ahead of me! (And I want to start Ganny's quilt AND a fluffy jumper AND I have an idea for at least one Xmas present).