A little EPP

It's a good thing I'm not aiming to make my Christmas Stars quilt to any deadline, I'd correctly remembered how long hand sewing patches takes. Although I did think little pieces would be quicker.

It has been surprising how little they are. 

This is the little work table near my chair. It was a relatively cheap purchase from IKEA but does its job perfectly, I even have my tablet propped up In the corner providing background noise or a way to watch the Great British Sewing Bee and Masterchef whilst crafting. I think all I need now is some form of lamp to light my work better and the corner will be perfect. 

And here's my progress to date. I darent even look how many star I actually need! 


Lin said…
Are they 1" diamonds? Pretty fabric, good luck!! xx
Fiona said…
those are tiny pieces - it will be so lovely
Bethan said…
They are really tiny - is that some fabric glue you are using?