Ultimate long term project

It's probably evident that I take a fair while to finish projects. The RBTL is in its 7th month (although hopefully I'll have some news about that soon), Sparkle Punch quilt and the Mystery Blanket were started in 2012, as yet my cross stitch projects haven't surfaced (usually a sister adopts them).  But there is one project that has outlasted them all.

This is the result of 31 years of French knitting, with significant input from my sister's, but I do the odd bit too now and again and I try and keep the yarn supply going.

I was given the cotton reel and my first yarn leftover when I was six, and due to deciding it should be a rug, it's still going. Every now and again there's nervous and optimistic talk about how it becomes a rug but so far no more than that. 

At this rate this project is going to become an heirloom without being finished!


Bethan said…
I love that this is still going! x
Lin said…
I admire your persistence! xx