Read between the lines

I'm sure I had something planned to do next on my list of knitting projects but as I've already said I fell for the persuasive powers of Facebook and decided to knit a Read Between the Lines shawl using the previously posted and totally gorgeous Scheepjes Whirls - 2000m of yarn in all.

First thing first I actually followed the instructions and did two test swatches to decide on the correct needles. Unfortunately this meant I couldn't use my beautiful metallic green circulars, but luckily the correct size is a set of rainbow wooden knitpicks.

This is about 30 rows in. I chose to go with the inside of the purple and the outside of the strawberry.

And this is after about 150 rows, taken from two angles to show the illusion effect. At least another 200 rows to go!


Bethan said…
That's a lot of rows! Love the colours together x