A Backlog of Knitting

As well as sewing I usually have a small knitting project or two on the go.  On being informed that I have the first squares of a mystery blanket being delivered sometime this week I have realised that I may have let my knitting projects run a little out of control.

As I hadn't got any sock knitting with me this weekend and as I don't like using my sewing machine in the evening living in a flat I needed to do something...and the wool I had purchased to make several pairs of quickly knitted fingerless mittens literally jumped out of the drawer.

With colour, cables and beads these are a really enjoyable knit.

As mentioned earlier I also have a sock on the needles...
Gorgeous wool and an absorbing pattern, luckily this one's twin is complete.

Now with four knitted squares looming that should be enough but I also have another pair of socks on the go and a Nintendo cover (although that is just a simple rectangle).  There is another blanket on the go but I need to see my mum before I start that so it doesn't count.

I'm going to have to make sure I always have one of my knitting projects with me wherever I am as it seems in the evening when bored I start to knit!