A Long Term Work In Progress

So my family came to visit this weekend and my sister brought along the French knitting we have been working on, on and off, since I was six.  I think it was given to me to do partly to keep me occupied and partly because we'd found some wooden cotton reels at my grandmother's house.  It also helped that my mum had a huge stash of double knitting wool oddments I could use for it.

When it arrived the French knitting was wound into a ball about 6 inches in diameter.  I set to laying it out in the rug shape we'd eventually like it to make - that took a fair while.

On completing this task I'd learnt a few things...
- Trying to lay out what is essentially a coil of string on top of a duvet covered bed neatly and accurately is nigh on impossible
- My mum and sister weren't joking when they said we didn't have enough knitting for a rug yet - the coil in the picture is definitely less than a metre across
- On a rough estimate we need to knit about the same amount againg to create a decent (smallish) rug for my sister's room! (Hopefully this will not take another 24 years to achieve!!!!) 


Impera Magna said…
I remember knitting on a spool like that too when I was a kid! How cool... what a great memory... and your rug is going to be gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
I found you at Lilly's,and I just love what you and your sister have been working on, I've never seen anything like it!
Scotland Trio said…
He he he! So, you'll be 54 and I'll be 38?