Read Between the Lines - Week 2

There is a craft I can do with all the kitchen work going on - knitting ( and EPP but I haven't started that project yet) (and cross stitch but that's well and truly relegated to the UFO pile)(and crochet I suppose but it doesn't seem the time to learn a new craft). Anyway...

I have managed to get quite a lot done on my RBTL shawl due to dedicating my Friday sewing time to knitting (and binge watching Scandal) and some time off work.

From this

To this

The yarn colour gradually changes strand by strand, the point at which a new coloured strand is added is known as a #Fuzzbuzz in the make-a-long (MAL) I'm part of for this shawl.

So far only one #fuzzbuzz per yarn whirl for me, but plenty of yarn to go!


Bethan said…
Flipping heck you've managed a lot! Great progress x