Quilting the monster sized wedding quilt

I've finally bit the bullet and started quilting the giant wedding quilt.  I was just intending to quilt it with a grid (and now I've started it may have been the most sensible idea!) but instead I'm free motion stippling.

I'm using variegated thread for the top which perfectly matches the fabrics I used in the quilt. 

Manipulating the quilt is a little tricky due to size and the fact I'm using a little table which doesn't support the quilt.  But it's fitting through the machine's throat okay.

I'm liking how it's working out, although going slowly.

The only issue is due to the dragging of the weight of the quilt I'm getting loops on the back.

Not ideal but I don't think I can avoid them.


Bethan said…
Looking really good! Forgot how cool the backing was - the longer stitches aren't very noticeable x