The start of something

I've recently moved home.  When house hunting one of the features I was looking for (and admittedly did not tell the Estate Agents about) was somewhere to keep my crafty stuff and maybe even do a little essence my ideal was a sewing room or failing that a spare room with space.  Luckily the house I've eventually bought has both.

Now the sewing room is less than perfect - suspect electrics, probable leaky roof and single skin walls with associated threat of damp (conveniently its about 2 metres from the kettle which I think redeems a lot of it's worse features) - but it has that magic thing POTENTIAL ... and a door to hide my crafty excesses from unsuspecting visitors.  And so this weekend I started the first tentative steps to making this a useful room ...
A cutting table with adjustable height legs to make long cutting sessions easier on my back and hidden out of view I have a stack of boxes (A4 filing type ones) (and a bag or two) with all my in progress and planned projects.  Unfortunately I don't think the room is currently light enough for sewing in but I think it'll get some use anyway.  Even though it is a fairly tiny room I also have a large bookcase/cupboard in there with all my craft,cookery and generally creative books on it...inspiration to hand.  I have plans for this room - more storage, a pressing station and some fun decor...the brighter the better!