First-ish attempt at crochet

Truthfully this is actually my third attempt at crocheting this shells and chain scarf (pattern found via Ravelry).  Nothing was technically wrong with the first two attempts - the first was two wide for the amount of yarn I had and the second was unravelled when I found this random, sparkly, fluffy yarn (Rozetti Nida Simli from Aberkhan Fabrics).  I think I now have the right kind and ideal quantity (500g - hopefully more than one scarf's worth) of yarn to finish this crochet.  And then I may even attempt some fingerless mittens I've seen using the same shell motif.

 I hoping to have done quite a bit more of this scarf by 25 Aug as the lady who taught my to crochet is teaching at my LQS that day and I'd love to show her my efforts.


Sana Saroti said…
That looks great already! It's gonna be a pretty scarf you can be proud to wear!
Impera Magna said…
Good job... love the pattern!