Crafty Gadget

I'd like to take my yarn projects away with me but inevitably when they get chucked in a bag they get tangled up with everything else and knitting on the go from a small plastic bag isn't that great so I decided to get a bag that would be fine for a single ball of yarn and dpns or a circular needle or, after my recent class, a crochet hook.  I've decided a climbers chalk bag may be the bag that would be up to the task.

You can just see the crochet hook peeping out the top.
After chucking it in my big bag to keep me occupied in the evenings during a few days away with work I did spot a slight problem - needles and hooks can slip out of the top opening so I must be a little careful about keeping the bag upright.  Other than that my plan has seemed to work well, the yarn comes out of the bag fine when the bag is open and stays protected when it's closed.  All I need now is some sort of clip and then I can craft as I go!