Another Quilting Course

It's a dangerous thing paying a visit to my LQS, I'd only popped in to get details for the Debbie Abrahams knitting course when I found myself signing up to the raggy quilt course the weekend after.

This is actually a course I've wanted to do since I started quilting but the classes and my free time have never coincided.  It looked like that was going to be the case with this course but I was, just that morning, informed that my family wouldn't be arriving at my house the Saturday of the course until 4pm at the earliest (that probably actually means 6pm). It seemed to be fate so I signed up for the course, and then realised I wasn't supposed to be buying any more fabric after spending a small fortune at Hancocks (with free international shipping and cat themed fabric I couldn't say no).

A little browsing of various shops' discount lines and I think I've found the, in my opinion, most perfect raggy quilt fabric ever...

Beautiful Paddington Bear fabric courtesy of Doughty's (who managed an inspired bit of fabric subbing via a phonecall - the top right hand turquoise fabric was selected by their staff)

This quilt is all for me; I love Padddington bear - I fondly remember my Paddington bed covers and curtains, I enjoyed the stories, and marmalade sanwiches have been a lunchtime staple for years.  I am really looking forward to this quilt.


Maria said…
I also love Paddinton Bear and can't wait to see your finished quilt.
Have fun.